WOW Fellowship Meal


The meal starts at 5:15pm in Fellowship Hall. (Come in the big glass doors on the south side and head down the hall.) If you want to pay, the cost is $2/person. If you can’t afford it, be our guests. The meal is for all ages. It might be pulled pork sandwiches, it might be spaghetti. And our cooks are always looking for help or new recipes.

WOW Kids


WOW Kids officially starts t 6:00, but the kids have already eaten and headed for the gym to get in some running and yelling and playing. At 6:00 Ms. Carol gathers kids (pre-k through 5th grades) and heads for the kid’s gathering area. They will be studying Truth Trackers this year and they will learn about God’s plan for man, Jesus’ salvation, the Holy Spirit’s power, and the Holy Bible. They break into smaller groups to continue their study, work on a craft, complete a project, or perform a mission. They also have a recess in the gym.

WOW Youth


WOW Youth have a worship service upstairs at 6:00. They sing praises, acknowledge God in prayer and ask for His intercession for those they know are in need. They have a devotional before heading off to small groups for meditation on and application of the devotional teachings and discussion of current life issues.

WOW Adults


WOW Adults have a choice of three classes on Wednesday evenings through the end of October. Boundaries with Kids is for those who want to know a better way to raise healthy, happy children. Wildfire is a class designed to grow your relationship with the Holy Spirit. You Lost Me is for those who want to understand why many young people are opting out of church.