The United Methodist Church is a part of Christ's One Church, she began as a renewal movement within the Church of England in the 18th century under the leadership of John Wesley, and has a unique, global, and orthodox place in the modern collection of Christian denominations.


United Methodist has a unique place in the life of Christ's one Church. One significant unique calling of United Methodism is her devotion to both/and. We seek to hold together things like: intelligence and spirituality, Catholic and Protestant, high church style and low church style, contemporary and traditional, science and faith, and social holiness and personal holiness.


United Methodism is a world-wide church with millions of disciples of Jesus in many countries. We are devoted to doing our part to extend the ministry of Christ to needs all around the world. Every United Methodist congregation invests close to 20% of its annual income to ministries outside of itself. This is on purpose and a source of great pride, as we do not exist for our own local church only, but rather for the health and vitality of God's people around the world. For more information about the global outreach of the United Methodist Church click here.


United Methodists are founded and rooted upon the historic teachings of Christ's one Church. Visit here for more details about the doctrinal foundations of the denomination. United Methodists are devoted to remaining faithful to the core doctrines of the Christian Church, including: the authority of the Bible, the nature of God as a Trinity, the full humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ, the necessity of the new birth, and the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to empower personal and social holiness.

The characterization of United Methodist as unique, global, and orthodox springs from the scholarly leadership of Dr. William (Billy) Abraham who serves as the Albert Cook Outler Professor of Wesley Studies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Abraham's article, found here, captures well the modern United Methodist Church and how Wickline is pursuing its future as a part of the denomination.