Committee on Finance

Wickline is led by our Committee on Finance, which is charged with managing our financial life ethically and efficiently. The committee is chaired by our Director of Finance and overseen by our Associate for Resources. See the staff page for contact information for either of those two leaders.


Best Practices & Metrics

Our finances are managed by a number of best practices and by metrics for our financial life. Our best practices includes a number of policies that protect the integrity of our financial management and assure our donors of godly and professional care of their money. Click here for our full set of financial policies. 

Our metrics relate to setting and managing our annual operating budget. In setting a fiscal year budget (ours is the calendar year) we commit to these three metrics:

  1. Fund the budget at no less than 92%. This means our budget is set at no more than 8% higher than the amount of pledged and anticipated income. We operate with an annual budget as a spending plan and depend on our active disciples to not only pledge their income but follow through on their commitment.
  2. Keep our debt service under 10%. This means that we commit to our total annual operating budget no devoting over 10% of its total to paying off debt. Wickline's recent debt service percentage has been less than 6% and we do not anticipate adding any debt to our budget in the foreseeable future.
  3. Keep our personnel costs under 56%. This means that we commit to our annual operating budget devotin no more than 56% of the toal to staff expenses (salary, benefits, taxes, etc.). 

Operating Budget

Our annual operating budget is set by the first week of December of each year by our Committee on Finance and approved by our Church Council. Each year's budget is divided into our ministry categories: venture, invite, nurture, exalt, and resources. 

Our narrative budget is a simpler layout of the budget in each category. Click here for 2017's narrative budget.

Our full budget is for the financial nerds among us. Click here for 2016's full budget. Click here (when it is ready!) for 2017's full budget.