Growing Strong, Branching Out


Church Plant

We are planting a new church.

Where love is a priority.

And everyone is welcome.


Who we are:


We are all different, but we are committed to loving one another and the world around us. And we welcome anyone who can embrace that cause.

While not all of us are Christian, we are a Christian church. Everything we do is because of Jesus. His life and teaching guide us. We take seriously his command to love others with the same radical love he showed us (John 13:34).  

What we do:


We serve.

We believe in the power of outward acts of love and service. That is the model Jesus gave us (Mark 10:45). So, like Jesus, we get away from our building as often as we can. We partner with local organizations and people to meet the needs of our community through acts of selflessness and service. 

We Worship

We Worship.

Jesus is Lord. Worship reminds us of that. Our worship service is participatory. The atmosphere and dress is casual. The music is diverse, representing multiple genres and cultures. The sermon is usually conversational, recognizing that if the Holy Spirit is working within us, then our input matters.

Small Groups

We Learn.

The Bible didn't fall from the sky. It was formed by a community sharing the truths of their faith. That's how we believe it should be read today. So we drive everything to small groups, where members can form relationships, be honest and open about their faith (and their doubts), and encourage one another towards a richer, more mature belief.

We Love.

We Love.

Relationships are what change lives. Jesus told his followers in John 13:35 that the world would know they are his disciples by the love they have for each other. We take care of each other. We encourage one another. We hold each other accountable. And we are intentional about doing so.

Can You Help?


Right now, we are in the gathering stage! That means we're collecting as much information and as many people together as we can to help us further develop and launch this new vision of church.

We'd love to have you as part of our family. Click on the button below to get on the text list. That will get you in the loop and keep you informed. Then, come to one of our events or join a small group so we can get to know you and start doing life together. Feel free to visit the blog to learn more about the church plant and/or Pastor David.