Wickline Discipleship Pathway defines what Wickline is, is seeking to become, and how members can find their place in God's Church. 


Vision - The Big Picture

God’s vision for Wickline is to make thousands of active disciples of Jesus Christ throughout the greater Midwest City region.


Mission - The Design

God’s mission for Wickline is to make disciples of Jesus Christ by venturing out, inviting in, nurturing each other, and exalting the Lord.


An Active Disciple The Me

An active disciple at Wickline is committed to God’s vision and mission and enters into an Active Disciple Covenant to fulfill the expectations of an active disciple of Jesus Christ. Two annual covenant forms are turned in by Wickline's active disciples.

1.      Ventures – serves others in ministry

2.      Invites – invites friends to a worship service, small group or event

3.      (is) Nurtured – participates in weekly worship and a weekly small group

4.      Exalts – engages in daily prayer, daily scripture reading, and financial stewardship

Values - The Niche

1.      Biblical Maturity – know & obey

2.      Intergenerational – young & old

3.      Mutual Accountability – active disciple covenant

4.      Community Impact – new people becoming active disciples

Strategy – The How

1.      Simple and accountable leadership structure

a.      APEX Team(long-range planning and missional accountability)

b.      Senior Pastor

c.       Church Council

d.      Associate-level leadership

e.      15 Ministry Areas: Mission, Communication, Outreach, Involvement, Member Care, Hospitality, Children, Youth, Adult, Worship, Music, Arts, Finance, Capital (Trustees), and Personnel (SPRC).  

2.      Biblical Maturity

a.      Biblical preaching (expository)

b.      Biblical content in small groups

c.       Encouraging daily prayer and daily scripture reading

3.      Intergenerational

a.      Programming design (traditional, contemporary, multi-etc.)

b.      Programming participation

4.      Mutual Accountability

a.      Active Disciple Covenant

b.      Group Reinforcement (three primary group contexts include: Sunday School Groups, WOW Groups, & the Wickline Way Class)                       

c.       Staff Leadership (devotion to common pathway and commitment to model godly leadership 

5.      Community Impact

a.      Invitational Evangelism (worship services, groups, events)

b.      Midwest City Elementary (Whiz Kids)

c.       Jarman Middle School

d.      Wickline Day School

e.      Foster Parents (Parent’s Night Out)

f.        Community Events

6.      Multiplication

a.      Leaders & Teams

b.      Services & Campuses

7.      Quantitative Measures

a.      Venture –  number of active disciples (members)

b.      Invite – number of first-time guests in worship

c.       Nurture – number of small group attendees

d.      Exalt – number of worship attendee