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With so many ways to worship, there is something to fit your time and schedule

  1. Traditional - with a kick! (Sundays 8:30 & 10:50)
  2. Contemporary - with roots (coming soon, Douglas Branch)
  3. Six-Oh-One (first Sundays 6:01pm)
  4. WOW Worship (contemporary, Wednesdays 6:00pm)
  WOW Worship! Wednesdays at 6:00pm

Sunday Morning  Groups

Sunday Morning Groups meet from 9:45am until 10:45am every Sunday morning. 


  1. Children Sunday School Groups
    • Infant - 2yrs
    • 3yr - 4yr
    • PreK - K
    • 1st thru 3rd grade
    • 4th & 5th grade
  2. Youth Sunday School Groups
    • 6th thru 8th grade
    • 9th thru 10th grade
    • 11th thru 12th grade
  3. Adult Sunday School Groups
    • College & Career
    • Upper Room/Fellowship
    • Emanon
    • Koinonia
    • Seekers
    • Foundations
    • Transitions
    • Journey
    • The HI Class

WOW Groups

Wickline on Wednesday night has groups for all ages and all stages of life. 

WOW Schedule:

5:15-6:00   Meal

6:00-6:30  Worship

6:30-7:30   Groups


  WOW Kids being goofy!

WOW Kids being goofy!

  The United People Band leading WOW Worship!

The United People Band leading WOW Worship!

  1. Nursery
  2. Wickline Kids 
  3. Wickline Youth
  4. Various adult studies through the year.

 Full WOW programming for nursery, children and youth continue throughout the year, adult programming changes each semester. Adult studies are open to high school student enrollment.

Interest Groups

Anything and everything, from Bible studies for men and women to Tai Chi and Yoga. 

  1. Men's Bible Study (Wednesdays)
  2. Women's Bible Study (Wednesdays & Sundays)
  3. NOAH (1st Tuesdays)
  4. Basic Yoga (Tuesday & Thursday)
  5. Crafters of Wickline (3rd Saturday)
  6. Walk to Health (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  7. Recreational Volleyball (Monday)
  8. Girl Scouts - 2 troops (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)
  9. Cub Scouts - (Monday)
  10. Boy Scouts - (Monday)
  11. Coffee Club (Wednesday)
  12. Choctaw Community Homeschool CoOp (Monday)
  13. Sacred Tree Learning CoOp (Tuesday & Friday)
  14. Specialized Yoga & Tai Chi (fee charged, throughout week)
  15. Overeaters Anonymous (Friday)
  16. Emotions Anonymous (Tuesday & Saturday)
  17. Gambler's Anonymous (Sunday)
  18. Gamanon  (Friday)
  19. Wickline Way Class
  20. United Methodist Men
  21. United Methodist Women (3 circles)

Ministry Groups

Ministry Teams are groups that are invested in using their gifts to change lives for Christ!

  Whiz Kids cooks - thanks Kay, Sandy & Mariett  e!

Whiz Kids cooks - thanks Kay, Sandy & Mariette!

  Front Desk Volunteers - good job Tom!

Front Desk Volunteers - good job Tom!

  1. Chancel Choir (Sunday & Wednesday)
  2. Wickline Praise Band (Sunday & Thursday)
  3. Laudators Bell Choir (Sunday & Wednesday)
  4. United People Band (Sunday & Wednesday)
  5. NOAH Planning Committee (1st Tuesday)
  6. Front Desk Volunteers (Monday thru Friday)
  7. Wickline Youth Volunteers (Sunday & Wednesday)

  8. Wickline Kids Volunteers (Sunday & Wednesday)
  9. WOW Group Facilitators (Wednesday)
  10. Lead Cooks (Sunday & Wednesday)
  11. Assistant Cooks (Sunday & Wednesday)
  12. Stephen Ministers (various times)
  13. CARE Team Volunteers (various times)
  14. Office Volunteers (Monday thru Thursday)
  15. Mobile Meals (Tuesday & Friday)
  16. Whiz Kids Tutors & Cooks (Mondays)
  17. Malawi Summer Mission Team
  18. Central/South America Summer Mission Team
  Impacting lives with the love of God across the street & around world!

Impacting lives with the love of God across the street & around world!