Funding our budget is primary cared for by the annual pledge payments of our active disciples and friends. Pledges are made in October of each year with the budget being approved no later than December 1st for the following fiscal year. A portion of our income is also raised through facility rental fees, transfers from capital reserve funds, and special appeals.

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2017 Operating Budget

Our operating budget is built around our mission statement, thus it is in four categories (plus one more for resourcing those four categories):

  1. Venture Ministries - reaching out with God's love

  2. Invite Ministries - welcoming others to healthy, biblical community of faith

  3. Nurture Ministries - helping children, youth, and adults mature in their faith

  4. Exalt Ministries - helping others exalt God in worship.

  5. Resource Ministries - managing our personnel, capital, and finance resources well

The  budget is developed annually by our Committee on Finance (after input from ministry area directors and pastoral staff) and approved by the committee and Church Council. Each year we seek to meet (or be working towards meeting) three "best practices" budget metrics:

  1. Budget funded at 92% or higher. Our 2017 budget is __%.

  2. Total personnel costs less than 55% of total budget. Our 2017 budget is __%.

  3. Total debt service costs less than 5% of total budget. Our 2017 budget is __%

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